Windows President Rides Surface Tablet Like a Skateboard

by windowsiso on October 17, 2012

Steven Sinofsky riding a Surface with skateboard wheels mounted to its back. Image: Steven Sinofsky/Microsoft

It’s a tablet, it’s a PC, it’s a … skateboard? Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet is apparently made for more than computing. Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows group, got on the Surface yesterday and took it for a ride. Literally.

On the same day Microsoft made Surface RT available for pre-order, Sinofsky rode a tablet outfitted with skateboardin wheels in the Studio B lobby at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Sinofsky tweeted an image of himself on the Surface, as well as a more detailed shot of the skate-park-worthy tablet. “Couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin…” Sinofsky wrote.

The Surface’s 10.6-inch screen was just big enough for the executive to rest both of his feet on as he rolled along the carpeted floor. For safety, Sinofsky wore a bike helmet.

The Surface skateboard. Image: Steven Sinofsky/Microsoft

But the point of the gimmick wasn’t for Sinofsky to show off his kick flip. Microsoft is pulling out all of its tricks to promote the Surface tablet. The company has covered subway stations with Surface ads, and the general manager for Surface went on Reddit on Tuesday for an AMA to answer user questions. The company wants to convey that Surface is not only a versatile but also incredibly sturdy and well designed.

Surface RT is currently available for pre-order on Microsoft’s online store starting at $500. The company is hosting a Windows 8 and Surface launch event in New York City on Oct. 25, and both products will go on sale at midnight on Oct. 26.

No word on which specialty skate shops might be carrying the device.

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