Windows 8 Tweak: How To Open Start Screen NOT in Full Screen

by windowsiso on September 10, 2012

I’ve been living in Windows 8 almost every day now and guess what? Most of the time, I am still standing on the desktop using all the tools I previously used in Windows 7. And because of this, I am finding myself sometime quite annoyed having to go back to start screen just for search, and was hoping there is a way to make Desktop and Start Screen co-existing together.

And here is a tweaking tool that can just do that. Thanks to IntoWindows for finding it. It’s called Windows 8 Start Menu Modifier, developed as a portable tool in C# that intends to let you, as the Windows 8 user, to choose which screen the Start Menu should show, and which mode it should appear, docked either on top or bottom of the screen, or full screen like normal.

Download the tool directly from this link, extract both files inside the zip file to a convenient location, and launch the executable file.

Windows 8 Tweak - Start Screen Modifier #1

Select the Position from 3 of the choice, and which monitor to show if you have more than one monitor hooked up, and click Apply button. Now, when you switch back to start screen from desktop, here is what it looks like, you can still see Desktop with the Start Screen docked at the bottom of the screen.

Windows 8 Tweak - Start Screen Modifier #2

The Charm Bar can also be docked.

Windows 8 Tweak - Start Screen Modifier #3

While the idea is awesome and deadly simple to use, I wish it can be polished with more options like docking position and size, as well as showing settings search result not in full screen.

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