Windows 8 Tip: How To Change Default Screenshots File Location

by windowsiso on December 7, 2012

Win + Prt Scrn is one of the new cool Windows 8 features I like the most. Simply pressing it takes a screenshot of the whole desktop and saves it in PNG format on your computer so you don’t have to use the old school copy/paste to save the screen file. The default location to save these Win+Prt Scrn taken screenshots is at %UserProfile%PicturesScreenshots folder in your own user profile. And you can change it to another folder to better serve your own purpose. For example, you can change the default location to a folder in your Dropbox or SkyDrive storage so that every screenshot you take using Win+Prt Scrn can be automatically backed up to the cloud.

To change the default Screenshots location

1. Navigate to the Pictures folder in Windows Explorer. If you are not sure how, you can simply press Win+R to bring up the Run window, type %userprofile%pictures into the box and press Enter.

Windows 8 - Pictures folder

2. Right-click Screenshots folder, and choose Properties. Then, go to Location tab in the Properties window, and click Move… button.

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