Windows 8 Tip: Enable/Disable File Delete Confirmation Dialog Box

by windowsiso on August 23, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, the files now you delete in Windows 8 go right into the Recycle Bin directly without asking for another confirmation. Wondering why? That’s because it’s turned off by default because Microsoft learned that from their research that most of the users click Yes most of the times.

While I welcome this change, some people may still want the confirmation box to safe guard their unaware mistake. And here is a quick tip that shows you where to turn this setting on and off.

Switch to Desktop, right click Recycle Bin, and choose Properties.

Windows 8 Recycle Bin Properties

Check the option “Display delete confirmation dialog” will turn on the confirmation dialog box every time when you delete a file or folder. Click Ok to save the change.

Now, you will have to click one more to make a file move to the recycle bin.

Windows 8 Delete Confirmation box

Apparently, the same setting also applies to Windows 7, which is enabled by default.

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