Windows 8 Consumer Preview Journey – Day 2

by windowsiso on March 2, 2012

Windows 8 IE 10 with Bing

Spent more time playing around the new OS. Getting more used to it…while I am very impressed how fluid it runs on a touchable device table with Metro Apps, I am still not so convinced how desktop would play the role at the fingertips of non-casual users.

Anyway, here are some articles around the net that looks interesting.

1. Why Metro and the Desktop don’t mix – it could be confusing in the beginning but I am slowly getting it as I am reading more and using more about it.

2. Don’t let PC makers to ruin Windows 8 – very good point here. Time to cut all the crapware off and off to begin a clean start.

3. Windows 8 CP v.s. iPad showdown – interesting to watch head-to-head showdown like this, especially when involving iPad

4. 3 tidbits from Rafael Rivera – you won’t disappoint the findings from this guy.

5. ViStart to bring Start Menu back – the start button is removed for a reason. While I don’t particular recommend tricks like this to break a good built UI I will still pass on to those who really hate not having a place to start with.

6. What’s changed for app developers since //build/ – part 1 – a series of good information for developers.

7. Getting around Windows 8 with a mouse – shows how to take challenger of using a mouse on a touch-first operating system.

8. Windows 8 could beat Android to be the real competitor to iPad – is that so? To me, still way too early to tell.

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