Windows 8 App: Unpacker, Free Alternative to 8 Zip

by windowsiso on January 6, 2013

We’ve covered an awesome native file archiving tool on Windows 8 a while back that does file compressing/uncompressing, named 8-Zip. It was free back then when we discovered it but recently the developer of the tool decided to remove the free tag off with a new price tag at $7.99. So for those who missed the free period to own the app, you will have to look for the alternatives, if you are looking for a free one. And here is the one you are looking for.

Unpacker, is another free native Windows 8 file archiving app that unpacks files compressed in different formats, such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, etc.. Not only that, it also supports password protected zipped files and many other formats.

Windows 8 app - unpacker

But unlike 8 Zip, Unpacker only does unzip, but miss the zipping feature. If you are the one who often does file compressions in both ways, you might be disappointed. But for those who only need it for uncompressing zipped files, this app works great.

Also note that Unpacker is a native Windows 8 app. It’s mostly designed for Windows RT or tablet platform. You will not need it if you are using Windows 8 most of the time on its desktop, since the awesome 7Zip freeware is all you need there.

And because it’s a native Windows 8 app, you can download and install it directly from Microsoft Store. Simply do a search for “unpacker”, and you will be able to find and install it.

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