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by windowsiso on October 11, 2012

Metro Commander is a free Windows 8 native app that acts like a file manager with a Windows UI Style user interface. You can browse through folders and files in your computer side by side with your SkyDrive storage. And you can perform most common operations towards the folders and files such as create, open, view, rename, move, copy, delete, or even search.

MetroComender (1)

When you run the app the first time after you have it installed on your computer, you will go through a quick setup wizard to let the app pick the home directory as well as authorizing access to your SkyDrive cloud storage. Once set, it’s pretty smooth navigating through the file system using the app.

The app utilizes the features from Windows 8 quite nicely.  The charm bar and both top and bottom application bar are all integrated very well within the app.

MetroComender (6)

MetroComender (7)

Metro Commander is a native Windows 8 app that you can download and install directly from Windows Store.

Publisher: Boo Studio
Category: Tools

Final words

When it comes to file browsing and management, Windows Explorer should still be your no. 1 choice. However, since it’s Windows 8, it makes a lot sense having a native File Manager Windows 8 app on a touch devices like tablets.

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