TDK Speaker Lets You Wirelessly Charge Your Phone While Listening to Tunes

by windowsiso on September 5, 2012

The TDK Wireless Charging Speaker. Image: TDK

Now that we have a few new handsets with Qi wireless charging built in, it’s time we get some good-looking accessories to go with them. TDK recently announced a new portable Wireless Charging Speaker that has an inductive charging pad built into its top.

The cube-shaped speaker houses four full-range left and right speakers, as well as a ported subwoofer. It also includes Bluetooth so you can stream music from your mobile device (pretty much a necessity for portable speakers these days), and 3.5mm stereo input. It charges via USB. But the coolest feature is the charging pad, which means you can place any compatible device right on top of the speaker and top off your battery sans cables.

The speaker features a “weatherized design” that protects against splashes, should you decide to use it poolside or in the bathroom. At $400, it’s expensive for a portable speaker, especially next to the popular Jambox and Big Jambox. But there’s some extra tech going on here. And if you own a smartphone that isn’t Qi compatible, you can buy a case, like one of these from Energizer, to take advantage of the speaker’s wireless charging capabilities.

via Cult of Mac

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