Symptoms of Corrupt SD Card and Possible Ways to Recover Inaccessible Photos

by windowsiso on January 3, 2013

A type of memory card, which is largely used in digital cameras and mobile phones, is SD card. SD card is a tiniest form of flash memory card designed in a way that it provides high data access speed and large data capacity that makes it appropriate for portable electronic gadgets like digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. You can find different capacities of SD cards in the market that facilitate you to store hundreds of images and videos within a small size. However, many times improper ways of handling these cards and various other issues corrupt these small yet high capacity data storage media and render inaccessibility of your precious photos saved in them.

Whenever, the SD card of your mobile phone or digital camera gets corrupt, it starts throwing some strange behavior. Let us discuss some common symptoms shown by a corrupt SD card:

Symptoms of corrupt SD card

  • You become unable to do anything on your camera as you can see only black screen on its screen.
  • You find that majority of photos on your SD card are missing.
  • When you try to read the SD card through your system, you can see only the root directory of your SD card. You may also see subfolders inside the root folder, but when you try to open these subfolders, you get an error message indicating cannot read from the device.
  • When you try to access your invaluable photos or elating videos stored on the card, you get error messages saying that memory card error or corrupt memory card.
  • You can see the contents of your SD card in your camera as well as in your PC, but when you try to copy these contents, get errors (most commonly CRC errors).
  • You can perform various actions on your stored photos, like you can transfer these photos from SD card to your computer or delete photos from the card, but when you try to click a new picture through your camera, it start displaying errors for SD card corruption.
  • Upon startup your camera, you see an error code.
  • Your camera or computer displays a message prompting to reformat your SD card.
  • Your SD card is recognized by your PC, but you cannot see any stored photo or video.

Common reasons that cause corruption in your SD card and result in the above behavior are:

  • Improper ejection of the card from the camera or your PC that interrupts the photo transfer or read/write process.
  • Virus infection.
  • Generation of bad sector in the SD card.
  • Accidental deletion of some or all the images from the SD card.
  • Unplanned or accidental formatting of SD card.

In case of unavailability of proper backup of your inaccessible or lost SD card data, the best way to get back your invaluable image files is through an efficient SD card recovery software. Reliable SD card data recovery software uses an efficient scanning algorithm by which it recovers all your inaccessible, lost, or deleted photos. Most of the tools of this category support almost all kinds of memory cards including SD card, SDHC card, MMC card, etc. In this way professional SD card recovery software can bring back all your priceless photos easily.

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