Saving Link, Image, Audio, and Video Files Directly to Google Drive on Any Website

by windowsiso on December 12, 2012

If you have Google Drive client installed on your Windows system, you can easily save any local file to it through an easy-to-access right click contest menu in Windows Explorer. But to save a link or image on a web page to your Google Drive, you will need to save them to your local drive first before uploading them to the Drive.

Today, Google Drive Team released a new Save to Drive Chrome Extension that dramatically changed the way how you save files directly from any web page to your Google Drive. One single click and it’s done. But you will have to use Chrome browser to take advantage of this great feature.

The Save to Drive extension adds a new menu item into your browser right-click context menu, once it’s added to Chrome browser. You will see it every time when you right click on a link or an image on a web page. And you can choose it to save the link you click directly to your Google Drive that is associated with the Browser.

Save to Drive Chrome Extension

A popup will be popping up from the system tray down the bottom right corner of your desktop indicating that you have successfully saved a file in your Drive with a link that quickly opens the Google Drive in Chrome.

Save to Drive Chrome Extension - popup

Currently, Save to Drive extension works for almost all types of links including link, image, audio, and video files. Unfortunately, Flash content is not supported at the moment.

It’s a great and must-have extension for those who use both Chrome and Google Drive. The only think I want to add to this extension is the ability to save file into a subfolder in my Drive, not sure if it’s even possible though.

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