Review: HTC Windows Phone 8X

by windowsiso on October 30, 2012

Photo by Jim Merithew/Wired

Even though it’s burdened by an unnecessarily silly name, the HTC Windows Phone 8X makes Microsoft’s brand new operating system look spectacular.

Software and hardware coalesce beautifully within the 8X, and it’s easy to see how this smartphone will draw attention not just to itself, but to the fledgling Windows Phone 8 operating system, when it’s displayed on retail shelves.

Microsoft has made several hardware support improvements in Windows Phone 8 to ensure that the operating system could run on more competitive, higher-end devices. So HTC’s flagship device, timed to hit stores when Windows Phone 8 becomes publicly available Monday, arrives packed with all that newly supported hardware. The Taiwanese company has delivered something Windows Phone has needed for a while: a phone you’d actually want.

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