Pokki on Windows 8–Reinvent The Third Party Start Menu With Slick UI

by windowsiso on October 21, 2012

We’ve covered Pokki before as the missing Windows 7 Desktop WebApp. While it’s still the number one gateway to get thousands web application on your Windows, it has grow into a new role in Windows 8. Pokki on Windows 8 has a new look and it comes with some slick UI you sure don’t want to miss. Most importantly, it’s also serving as a Windows 8 Start Menu replacement.

How To Configure Pokki in Windows 8

The installation is simple and very straight forward. Just download the installer here, and you are ready to go. By default it will have a slightly different look if you are installing it with Windows 8 vs Windows 7.


Right off the back, you will have the left sidebar that gives you the traditional Shut Down menu as well as some of other frequent accessing applications and folders.


Right click the Pokki and go to Settings …


From here you get many options depend on which version of Windows you are running. If you are in Windows 8, you will have some settings that’s specifically targeting Windows 8. For example, you can choose what to do when you press the Windows button. By default, when you press the Windows button, it will start leads you to the new Windows 8 UI. You might thought this doesn’t replace the start menu, well it does. You need to check the “Windows key opens Pokki Menu” option under Windows 8 Desktop.

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