Organizing Photos By Date Taken with This Command Line Portable Application

by windowsiso on November 26, 2012

If you are seeking an easy way to organize your ever-growing photo albums by the date the photos originally being taken and are not afraid of typing, PhotosTree is probably the one you’ve been waiting for. With a single command, your entire disorganized photo albums can be arranged neatly with a chronological structure.

To start, you need to download this portable application (at the bottom of the product page) and extract to a location that can be accessed easily later on through Command Prompt window.

Then, open Command Prompt windows (press Win+R, type “cmd”, and Enter), and navigate to the folder where the PhotosTree command line was saved.

Start organizing with PhotosTree in following format:

PHOTOSTREE Source Target [format] [/switch]

Format options: %year%, %month%, %day%, %week%, %hour%, etc..

For example, let’s say I want to organize my photos in my Camera Uploads folder in my Dropbox to a folder in D:Temp folder. I will then use the following command:

PhotosTree “%userprofile%dropboxcamera uploads” d:tempPhotos” %year%%month% /s

And here is what I get as a result.

PhotosTree - organized

Note that the switch /s is important if your source folder contains subfolders.

Also note that the Stop Working warning window keeps popping up on my computer. If you see it, just ignore and leave it on. Click Close Program button when the process is fully finished.

It’s actually pretty cool and convenient.

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