New Updated Built-in App Coming To the General Availability of Windows 8

by windowsiso on October 5, 2012

October 26, 2016 is the day Windows 8 is going to officially hit to the public. Even though a lot of us have been playing around the RTM edition for sometime, the final General Availability version of Window 8 is still going to come out with many of the new updates, especially to those built-in apps.

According to Building Windows 8, the new Bing app will be first one out, available by Oct. 5, with the rest of them rolling out on Oct. 26th. You will be notified through Windows Store app updates, with a count of available updates on the store tile.

Windows Store update

Here are the list of new features available on each built-in apps.

Skydrive app tile


  • Search within SkyDrive
  • Rename and move folders and files
  • New first-run experience
  • Custom sort order

App tiles for Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging

  • Conversation view of your inbox
  • Complete IMAP account support
  • Accepting and declining invitations in email
  • Capturing and updating your account picture
  • Improved search
  • Search for a contact within the Messaging app

Photos app tile


  • Crop and rotate photos
  • New auto-curated collage slideshows
  • View photos and videos on network locations in your Pictures Library such as Windows Home Server, network shares, and HomeGroups
  • Move through photos in your Pictures Library even when you open them from the desktop

Maps app tile


  • Bird’s eye view
  • 3,000+ indoor venue maps
  • Driving directions hints
  • Improved navigation and layout
  • Improved customization, including custom pushpins and roaming options
  • Integration with Bing and Travel apps

Bing app tile


  • Richer search results for local content and images
  • Bing rewards integration
  • Use zoom on your search results to see related queries
  • Use the file picker to select an image from Bing to use on your lock screen or in your other apps

Finance app tile


  • Additional news and magazine content
  • More market exchanges enabled
  • Finance videos

News app tile


  • Additional news content from partners such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal
  • Enhanced article reader, including font customization, zoom, pagination, and more
  • Improved offline reading experience
  • News videos
  • Slideshows

Sports app tile


  • Additional news and magazine content
  • Sports videos
  • Slideshows
  • New soccer leagues, including MLS, J. League, and Brazilian League



  • Additional news and magazine content
  • Improved flight search and new flight progress indicator
  • Improved hotel listing page
  • Interactive 360-degree panoramas (gyroscope supported)



  • Improved default location usability
  • Hourly weather forecasts, up to 10 days
  • Day & evening high/low temperatures



  • Purchasing in local currencies
  • Closed captioning
  • Search by actor or director



  • Expanded music services
  • Rich “Now Playing” experience
  • Discover more music with SmartDJ



  • Exciting new games
  • In-game purchasing
  • Invites and turn notifications

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