New Dropbox “Space Race” Program lets You Get Up To 25GB Storage For Collage and University Students

by windowsiso on October 15, 2012

If you are a dropbox user, and you are also a student. This is for you !


Go to right now and sign up the program. Once you have signed-in and signed up the program, Dropbox will send you an verification email to your school’s email address.


Go ahead verify the address and you are good to go !

Now all you need to do is to spread the news to your friends and classmates, the more people in your school sign up the more storage you will get.

Earn free Dropbox space for everyone at your school! Sign up to get an extra 3 GB for two years, plus the space your school earns!

Each successful invite contributes points to your school and also gets you 500 MB of space!

Note: all the additional spaces you gain from this promotion are only valid for two years. After two year your storage limit will drop to where you are at now. But don’t worry if you have exceeding the limit your data will not be deleted after the program ends, you just simply can’t add any additional files to your Dropbox.

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