List Your Browsing Histories from IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari At Once with BrowsingHistoryView

by windowsiso on August 29, 2012

NirSoft released a new web browser history viewer, BrowsingHistoryView, that reads your browsing histories from 4 different browsers and consolidate them in one simple table for you to go over and review.


The collected data includes URL, title of the page, visit time, visit count, web browser, and user profile. All data can be exported in HTML, xml, and csv format.

And just like all NirSoft tools, it can be launched as a command-line without displaying any user interface. The command-line comes with a rich set of switch, perfectly for a scheduled task quietly collecting the data without interfering users.

The histories from 4 browsers, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, are loaded by default but you can have the choose to only show from any one of them.

By default, the tool loads histories not only from all 4 browsers you have but also from all user profiles as well, assuming the current user has the admin rights to read other users’ profiles. However, you can change it from Advanced Option window.

BrowsingHistoryView Advanced Options

BrowsingHistoryView is free, portable, and works on any version of Windows, from 2000 and up, including Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

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