How To Use the Same Win Key Combinations on Remote Desktop

by windowsiso on January 8, 2013

When you are on Remote Desktop, especially when it’s not in Full Screen mode, you can’t use the same win key combinations as you do on your regular desktop. And that’s because by default, the Remote Desktop Connection doesn’t capture and map the local hot keyboard combination to the RDP environment. And to me, that’s a little less user friendly, especially on Windows 8 that has a lot more new and useful Win Keyboard Combinations.

To allow RDP session to use the local Win hot keyboard combinations,

Go to Remote Desktop Connection options,

Remote Desktop Connection - option

Switch to Local Resources tab, and select the settings in Keyboard section. You can choose one of the three settings available.

  • On this computer
  • On the remote computer
  • Only when using the full screen

The setting “on the remote computer” is the one that allows you to use the same Win key combinations on the Remote Desktop machine, which works on regardless of whether it’s on full screen mode.

Remote Desktop Connection - options - Local Resources

Alternatively, you can discard the settings above and use the keyboard equivalent shortcuts listed below, if you want to challenge your brain a little bit more trying to remember two different sets of keyboard shortcuts that do the same thing.

Remote Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

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