How To Edit Your MP3 Songs Shorter In Windows

by windowsiso on October 23, 2012

If you ever had to rip a song from YouTube or other sources, you might run into songs that have extra footages either at the beginning or at the end of the song. Here is a short quick method to help you edit the songs in Audacity to remove extra ending or intro of a song.

Get Started

First you need to download the Audacity if you haven’t. Then make sure download the LAME MP3 encoder for Audacity. Next, install Audacity and LAME.


Drag and drop the song to the track.


Use mouse the click and drag select the track that you’d like to remove. Then make sure to click the “Cut” icon to remove the section from the track.


Now Go to Export > (Choose MP3)



Choose MP3 as the export file format. There you have it, a quick way to cut the length of the song, hope you find it useful.

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