How To Directly Search Settings and Files from Windows 8 Start Menu

by windowsiso on November 6, 2012

One of the biggest changes in Windows 8 in terms of search is the separation from Apps, Settings and Files. Prior to Windows 8, when you start typing anything in the start menu in Windows 7, you will see a list of aggregated results that contains Applications, Control Panel settings, Files and many other things. But in Windows 8, it only shows the results in Apps. Personally, I’m not a fan of this implementation. Often times when I am looking for a specific control panel settings, I have to switch to the settings in order to get  the results I am looking for.

So instead of searching in Apps here is a trick you can start searching anything directly in Settings or Files via Windows 8 Start Menu


It’s a keyboard shortcut trick. Press “Win + W” it will open start menu search in Settings, then when you start typing the search result on the left it will only show relevant results in Settings.


Press “Win + F” it will open start menu search in Files. Same as settings, start typing and it will show u results only are documents. I found searching files is less useful than previous version of Windows 7, perhaps its only my personal experience.

Remembering those two tricks can save you from the frustration when searching for the things you want. As a bonus, here are a list of 13 keyboard shortcuts you must know of in Windows 8 that will make your Windows 8 life much easier.

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