Get Windows Media Center on Windows 8 Pro for Free until January 31, 2013

by windowsiso on December 11, 2012

Windows Media Center on Windows 7 is free but not anymore on Windows 8. Microsoft has pulled it out of the official Windows 8 build and made it as a paid add-on feature that you can paid and add it back to your Windows. But here is a good news for those who really liked Windows Media Center. For a limited time up until January 31, 2013, you can get it for free if you run Pro version of Windows 8. That’s going to save you $9.99 in your pocket.

In order to receive the free version, you need to provide a valid email address. Head over to Windows 8 Feature Pack page, type in your personal email address, fill up the captcha characters to confirm you are a human kind, and hit Send my product key button to send the request over.

Windows Media Center Free offer

You will be getting the product key for Windows Media Center within 72hours. Once you have the key, go to Add Features to Windows 8 by pressing Win+W, typing in Add features to Windows 8, and selecting the one listed in the result.

And since you’ve already had the product key in your hand, go to I already have a product key in Add Features to Windows 8 window.

Add features to Windows 8

Other than how much you like and love to use Windows Media Center, what else in it that is worth the hassle adding it back to my Windows. Well, if you haven’t known, the native DVD Playback has been dropped by Microsoft, but is included in the Media Center pack, along with other encodings like broadcast TV recording and playback, and VOB. And I think with this one feature alone it’s already worth it.

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