Complete Guide How to Change Windows 8 Metro App Install Location

by windowsiso on December 10, 2012

Some of the first thing we’d like to do when setting up a new machine is to change the user profile to move away from the default Windows OS Partition. This way, it’s cleaner and easier to maintain our own person file away from Windows OS and other application files. We’ve covered extensively how you can change User Profile in Windows 8 even without registry hack. This will enable all the personal documents saved at a different location, partition or hard drive of your choice.

Unfortunately with Windows 8, the new addition of Windows 8 App from the Store are stored at a default location. It does not get affected by changing the User Profile location trick. Instead, if you’re running out of disk space on your primary Windows 8 disk, you might out of luck of installing any additional Windows 8 Apps from the store. Thanks to AskVG for sharing this trick

Here is a Complete Guide on How You Can Change The Default Windows 8 Metro App Install Location

Part I: Taking WindowsApp directory (default Windows 8 App install directory) ownership

Navigate to C:Program FilesWindowsApps

Make sure you checked “Hidden items” Under View tab


You will soon realize you don’t have permission to access this folder.

Right click the folder go to Properties.


Go to Security Tab > Advanced


Click Continue under “Permissions” tab


Click Change, next to where TrustedInstaller


Add your user name in the “Enter the object name to select” Click check names, Windows will format the entry for you when it find the matching user.


Once is done, should show your name as the Owner


Click OK to accept the Security warning.


Now when you try to access the WindowsApps folder again, you will be able to see what’s in there


Part II: Regedit Hack.

Go press Win + R to launch Run command and enter regedit


Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppx


Right click >

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