Best Free Tools to Convert eReader Book Formats

by windowsiso on October 7, 2012

If you own an eReader and absolutely like it, you definitely want to get more out of it. That means you not only want to read the book you bought from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, but also want to read your own collections as well, or even PDFs and web pages. The good news is that it’s absolutely doable, but the bad news is that most of the time you will have to convert these content to the format supported by your eReader.

Here are a few scenarios I often ran into where I need to convert them before reading them on my Kindle.

Convert any webpage to ePub, Mobi, or PDF

Kindle it

My favorite tool has to go with Kindle it, a web app that pushes the web content directly to your kindle. It’s a must have bookmarklet, also available as extensions in most popular web browsers, for all Kindle users. Once it’s installed, you can simply click it whenever you see a webpage that you want to read on your Kindle.

Not only that, it also dynamically converts the web content into 3 major eReader formats, mobi, ePub and PDF the same time. And you can download them right from the front interface, through No Kindle tab.

Convert PDF to ePub and Mobi

PageFlip PDF to ePub is a free PDF to ePub converter that allows you to easily convert any PDF files to ePub format that can be used on most of the eReaders on the market, well, except for Kindle, which you need a mobi.

To convert a PDF to mobi, I have to go with Calibre, a eBook management tool that is also offering a cool working converting feature that almost converts from anything to anything, including from PDF to mobi.

Convert Word to ePub and Mobi

If you need a mobi file, you are using a version of Kindle. If you are using a Kindle, you’ve already all set. All you need to do is email the Word file to your own Kindle email address The converted mobi version of it will come to your Kindle moments later.

But if you need a ePub, the powerful Calibre is what you need.

Convert ePub to Mobi and vice versa

Well, to do this 2-way conversion back and forth, let’s cut all the crap and stay with the power horse, again, Calibre.

Final words

I personally own a version of Kindle and absolutely love it. Even though I only use to read books most of the times, I do often time putting my own stuff on it to read. Other than taking great advantage of all cool features Amazon offers, including the powerful and convenient converting delivering service, Calibre is definitely a must-have tool, not only managing your collections, but also acting as a middle man transferring books between 2 most popular formats. And most of all, it works.

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