A List of Windows 8 Tweaking Tools

by windowsiso on November 20, 2012

Windows 8 Start ScreenLike or not, Windows 8 is here. And believe it or not, it’s the future to both Windows and Microsoft. But to end users, it is the mix of now and future. While the future is still unknown, the present is getting better with Windows 8 around.

To make the future brighter while still keeping the present pleasant, a lot of developers around the world are not only busying on developing new shiny Windows 8 Apps for the future, but also creating a lot of tweaking tools trying to make Windows 8 a better platform as well.

Here are a list of the best ones I’ve collected over the time, some we’ve covered before and some we haven’t. From this point on, this list will be treated as an always up-to-date list of tweaking tools for Windows 8. Because of this, I will be updating it constantly whenever there are new ones out that are better. Also note that only freeware will be listed.

Start Menu

The ditched Start Menu is being badly missed by many many early Windows 8 adopters, I have to admit, me included. Here are the tools to bring it back.

1. Pokki Menu

The Pokki Menu makes accessing and organizing your favorite apps, websites, files and folders more simple and convenient. Search your PC and the web to add your favorite apps and sites, then organize them like you would on a smart phone.

The Pokki version of Start Menu in Windows 8 looks awesome. You can also check out our review of the Pokki Menu here.

2. StartMenu8

StartMenu8, brought to you by IObit, offers a perfect solution that not only brings back the missing Start Menu and Start button, but also offers the option to boot straight to desktop.

3. Classic Shell

Classic Shell

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