9 Holiday Themes for Your Windows Desktop

by windowsiso on November 20, 2012

Microsoft released a series of new themes for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems on their Personalization Gallery for the up coming holidays. They all look really good.

Art of everyday dynamic theme

This is a dynamic theme that includes 12 images in the current package but will have more added later on through an RSS feed.

Check it out

Frozen Formations & Ice Castles theme

The Frozen Formations theme includes 12 images of icicle walls, crystalline patterns, and mastery of the frozen forms. If you are amazed in ice, you will like this theme.

The Ice Castles theme includes 6 images of castles built from ices.

Glaciers panoramic theme

This is a windows 8 only theme that includes 6 panorama images that automatically extend across both monitors of a dual-monitor setup. It’s a perfect theme if you are running Windows 8 on a dual-monitor setup.

Check it out

Shadowboxes theme

Artist/photographer Chris Maynard brings his unique vision to life in these artful, inventive pieces crafted entirely from feathers. Amazing shadows from amazing flying feathers.

Check this out

Sugar and Spice theme

Baked goodies with icing sugars on top…very delicious, even on the desktop. This free Sugar and Spice theme includes 9 images of tasty goodies that would make your day.

Check this out


Here are two awesome themes about the webs, Webs & Waterdrops (11 images) and Wintry Webs (6 images).


How can we have a winter holiday without a snowman standing by? This Snowman theme includes 8 images of different shapes of snowman readying for playing on your desktop.

Didn’t feel having enough? Here are more.

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